The transgenderism is contrary to the male and female definitions of society. Transgenders believe that all people exhibit both female and male characteristics, in varying proportions. They just pay more attention in the gender issue, transgressing the gender norms. Their gender sometimes run contrary to what other people would normally expect in the same culture, and their sexes are neither exactly female nor exactly male.

Transgender people usually express their gender by style, as using different clothes, hairstyles, cosmetics, body language and others. A man, for example, can use women clothes to be included in this group. It happens because society put many stigmas in everything, telling what is “feminine” and “masculine” and what a man or a woman can or can’t do in their gender condition. Doing this, however, a person, just by looking to the transgender one, can’t identify all about his gender identity, sexual identity and sexual orientation, because these elements Adam4Adamn are independent of each other.

Someone, for example, can have any combination of these factors. The sexual orientation represents the sex that attracts the person. It can be the other sex, making the person heterosexual, the same sex, being the person homosexual, or both sexes, making the person bisexual. The sexual identity is how people see themselves physically, such as male, female or in between Adam4Adamn. In this category, enters the transsexual people, which can be, for example, someone that was born as a man and wants to see his body as female, being his sexual identity female.

The gender identity, on the other hand, is how people see themselves socially: a woman, a man or both, independent of which sex they were born. People can, still, be born with sexual characteristics of both genders, being hermaphrodites, and prefer to follow just one of the genders, taking hormones to get it. Intersexed are similar to hermaphrodite, with some combination of both sexes physiology, and many of them can accept as natural their mixed gender.

Other people also can enjoy wear clothing of the opposite gender, what is called crossdressing and is practiced by many heterosexuals. The surgery of sexual organs isn’t done all the time by the transsexuals, because it’s expensive and delicate. Many people prefer taking hormones or doing less prejudicial processes, like castrate, for example. The gender variations in society are common, but many people hide them, due to prejudice and discrimination.

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