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Safe Online Dating Tips

Online Daters Safety Tips for Meeting in Person

In the last decade, millions of people have turned to online dating to find true love, or at least get some experience in the fling department. Most of them are up front about their reasons for joining and online dating site, but just like the real world, theres always a few weirdos out there.

As an online dater, its your job to weed through the thicket and try to find a genuine person who wants the same things out of online dating that you do. Its not an easy job, but it can be a fruitful one if you are careful and thorough.
Online dating should be a safe experience, not a questionable one. Eventually, youre going to want to meet that special someone in person. In this article, well give you some very important online daters safety tips for meeting in person.

Keep Personal Info Personal

Never share any personal info with an online dater, even after deciding to meet them in person. Your last name, home address, home phone number (give cell phone only) and any other info that can lead to your physical address should not be shared.

Dont Rush In

You should not be agreeing to meet an online date in person before getting to know them better online. Spend some time communicating first. Once you feel comfortable, only then should you agree to meet them in person.

Safe Meeting Place

When meeting an online date in person, choose a safe, well populated meeting place. An active, public park, coffee house or well lit restaurant is ideal. Do not agree to leave that place for a more secluded area unless you are 100% comfortable (and even then, its not recommended on a first date).

Bring Your Own Car

This goes back to the #1 safety tip. Dont let your online date pick you up, and dont rely on them for a ride home. Again, they should not know where you live. If you cannot bring your own car, make arrangements to be picked up by a friend or taxi.

Tell A Friend

When meeting someone for the first time, you should always make sure a relative or good friend knows what you are doing. Tell them the entire plan – where youre going, who you are going with and what time you expect to be home. If you are going to be late, call to let them know. Should things not go the way you intended, this person is the only one with enough information to help.

Dont Drink

Consuming alcohol is never a good idea on a first date, especially when meeting the person for the first time. Judgment and inhibition tend to fly out the window when you are drunk. If you do have a drink, limit it to one.

Go Dutch

This is one mostly for women, since the men are usually expected to pick up the bill. In some cases, men expect to get something in return for this favor. To avoid an uncomfortable situation, pay for your own meal, drinks, entertainment or whatever else you do on the date.

Have A Backup Plan

If you dont feel comfortable with the person, or simply feel no chemistry with them, its a good idea to have a back-up plan; an escape route, if you will. Have a friend (generally the one you informed about the date) call you at a certain time. Have a keyword response prepared, one that means “yes, its going well” and another for “get me out of this”. If you want out, be prepared to act like there is an emergency when on the phone. Be kind though, such as, “Im sort of busy, whats wrong? He what? Oh come on, not again alright, Im coming. I know, its okay. Ill be there soon.” Apologize to your date, then make your escape. We know this is a common getaway plan, and your date will probably realize it too, but its nicer than going to the bathroom and never returning.

Trust Your Instincts

If you have a bad feeling about someone, dont ignore it. Never leave yourself in a bad situation just because you dont want to be rude, or think you may be wrong about them. Natural instincts are there to keep us safe. Trust them!

Be Alert

Always be on your guard. Have a cell phone on you at all times and be aware of your surroundings. There should always be enough light and other people around to be seen and heard should something go wrong. login
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